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We are the monkeys that brickfilm. @(^_^)@

Voice Acting by thefourmonkeys


WARNING: Some language and content of the videos below might not be appropriate for some younger viewers. 

Lego Batman - Riddler Returns by forrestfire101 
Mommy Monkey played Theater Girl (Almost 7 million views) 
 The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 by forrestfire101 
 Big Monkey played the Emperor (Over 8 1/2 million views)
LEGO Star Wars - The Last Stand by Michael Inglis
Mommy Monkey played Invisible Hand Computer (Over 350,000 views)

Lego Star Wars - Christmas Special 2 by blobstudios

Big Monkey Played Santa Claus (Over 6 Million Views) 

 The Ultimate Lego Race by forrestfire101 
Big Monkey played Darth Vader (Over 2 million views) 
 Lego Batman - New Sidekicks by forrestfire101 
Mommy Monkey played Batgirl
and Big Monkey played Gordon (Almost 9 million Views)
 (Lego) The Package II - Redherring by Saminatorger
Mommy Monkey played receptionist
and Big Monkey played 43rd Floor Agent and John (Almost 100,000 views) 

 The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, & Superman Movie by forrestfire101

 Mommy Monkey played Harley Quinn and Big Monkey played Lex Luther (Over 27 Million Views)