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Super Bowl 52 in StopMotion Action!

Posted by thefourmonkeys on March 4, 2018 at 8:35 AM

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In celebration of such a wonderful exciting Super Bowl, we made a brickfilm highlights video of the scoring and missed scoring opportunities from the game. We regret not animating the strip fumble of Brady at the end of the game, but a directorial decision was made due to timing and budget of the video.

Thank you very much to VN, a moderator from for suggesting we post this video on the Eagles and NFL Subreddit. Wow, that helped a lot!!!!!

The 700 Level's Josh Ellis wrote a online blog entitled "Super Bowl Recreated in Lego Masterpiece" for 

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OYO Sports NBA Video

Posted by thefourmonkeys on May 3, 2017 at 2:40 PM

We made a 30 second OYO Sports NBA video.  It was uploaded to the NBA Store social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The NBA social media sites shared the NBA Store's social media posts. The Facebook video post has nearly 1/2 million views in little over 1 day.  

New Galactic Smugglers

Posted by thefourmonkeys on February 24, 2017 at 1:40 PM

We finally made another Galactic Smugglers.  We hope you enjoy!


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World Series Game 7 Highlights Brickfilm

Posted by thefourmonkeys on November 13, 2016 at 8:55 AM

We recently released World Series Game 7 Highlights video.

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It's getting lots of great coverage online and TV news.

Too lazy to post

Posted by thefourmonkeys on September 11, 2015 at 10:20 AM

We must be too lazy to post here.  Sorry, we've been making brickfims.  Perhaps more posts in the future.  :)

Website Updates

Posted by thefourmonkeys on June 1, 2014 at 9:15 AM

We are doing some small updates to thefourmonkeys website.  It's mostly just moving a few things around.  We also hope to blog more regularly in the future. @(^_^)@

All Old Blogs before June 2014

Posted by thefourmonkeys on June 1, 2014 at 9:05 AM

July 1, 2013


Happy July 1st and Canada Day!! @(◠‿◠;)@


Oh dear, has it really been over four months since I last blogged??? :O (slapping my own wrist) Time sure does fly when you're taking care of your family, working full time, and living life hehe.


Soooooooo, what have thefourmonkeys been up to?


We finally finished and released the Awards Show for the 2012 BFG Animation Festival. Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees. It took 14 hours to watch all of the entries. Some of the entries were viewed multiple times to narrow down nominees and winners, then came the task of making the awards show video. All in all over 40 hours were spent hosting the contest and making the awards video.


Did we have to make an awards show? No, but we monkeys just have to do things our own way. So there you go, a nearly 20 minute awards show for the festival. The only reason the awards show was under 20 minutes is because I, Mommy Monkey, kept the pace of a cheetah haha. Here is the link in cased you missed all of the excitement.


Our ReBrick LEGO Movie contest entry was in the CineBrick Festival which took place from June 8th to 10th in Paredes de Coura, Portugal. We were very excited to have shown there. Here is our entry.


We also released "Girls Night Out" which was inspired by a set of three custom male strippers sent to us by the lovely Rachel Romero from Machinima. Hey, they kept their pants on and were a little chubby, but we're cheeky monkeys anyway so what else would you expect from us? ;)


Lately we have been putting most of our brickfilming efforts into editing Galactic Smugglers 8. 100% of the stop motion is complete, 95% of the voice acting is complete, and 75% of the mouth movement has been added. About 40% of the special effects have been added and 1% of the sound effects have been placed in the brickfilm. Music is a very important addition so it usually takes a while to pick it out. We all know how incredibly picky I am hehe. It is going to be a very interesting Galactic Smugglers for sure. ScypaxPictures returned to voice as Johnny Venus in a wild and crazy ride through space and time and he did an amazing job along with the very talented Spugesdu. Stay tuned and as always, be patient!! :D


Our LEGO Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer has almost 900,000 views on the Machinima channel, WOW!!!


Our LEGO City "The Bear Valley Chase" has over 400,000 views on the LEGO channel. :)


We always have fun watching our old videos every once in a while. Yesterday Big Monkey watched all of the Galactic Smuggler's episodes lol.


Little Monkey has been brickfilming more than we have recently lol. Her last one was released in April of this year. Pokemon Adventures with Mommy.


She has quite a few other videos that are close to completion, just like we do so stay tuned! :D


The Brickfilmer's Guild (BFG) has over 800 members now, woohoooo!!!! :D


We have young brickfilmer's that are just starting out, talented up-and-coming brickfilmer's, and extremely talented AFOL & TFOL from all over the world. It's very exciting to see and share. I always post the latest news and members on my BFG Twitter account. and also on the BFG Facebook page.


If you're a brickfilmer and not a member yet then please join, it's fun and free!! As with all websites, it gets a bit glitchy/slow at times, but for the most part it runs very smooth and the features are extremely customizable and fun to use. :D


For those that are reading this blog, you can catch the first glimpse of the amazing Brickfilms of the Month for July. You don't want to miss these! I'll be tweeting about them later on the BFG twitter account.


BrickFlix 2013 successfully completed. If you missed it then start planning now for next year. I will be sure to remind you months before so you won't miss it again. It's so much fun interacting with other brickfilmers and also seeing the brickfilms on the big screen, especially in such a beautiful theatre.


Just a reminder, because I'm so good at that haha, all of our new brickfilms get released on our new channel which is partnered with Machinima.


We still release other videos and extra goodies on our original channel as well. I won't tell you what because then it won't be a surprise. :P


If you want to hear news about brickfilming and other interesting things, random silliness, and cheeky things, then follow me on twitter. You just never know what crazy things I will tweet about. ;)


Well that wraps it up for now. People always ask me what we are up to and when are we going to release a new video. The answers can all be found on here and the above links, when I'm willing to share it that is. ;)


Hope you are all enjoying your Summer so far. Stay safe and I'll be chatting with you soon. @(◠‿◠;)@



February 25, 2013


Hey y'all. @(◠‿◠;)@


I know it's been a very very very very long time since I have written a blog, but as I always say, better late than never!! :D


Our LEGO Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer now has over 700,000 views, woohoooo!! The best and most rewarding thing was that Rockstar actually promoted our video and put it on their website. :O We were beyond thrilled about that. There were also loads of articles written about it from all over the world. I know I went a bit tweet crazy with all that stuff while it was going on, but you can't blame me really. I had to enjoy it while it lasted hehe. I know you want to watch it again, so here's the link.


Brick Warriors is our newest sponsor on the BFG and also for the 2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival. They were generous enough to give prizes for each category. You can check out the goodies here:


Speaking of the 2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival, we are narrowing down the nominees. There were over 250 entries so the process is taking a very long time. Some categories are close to impossible to choose a winner because the entries were that amazing. We are trying to be as fair as we possibly can. Please be patient. There are a lot of categories and lots of great videos to choose from. There will only be one winner for each category, plus the honorable mentions as always. Hopefully everyone will be gracious with our decisions. It's the only way we will host another one. :)


The results video will be released sometime next month on our classic channel.


In case you hadn't noticed, our website got a much needed facelift. :D


BrickFlix 2013 will be here before you know it. Don't forget to submit your awesome brickfilms.


I finally sent out the lines for Galactic Smuggler's 8, woohoooo. It will still be quite a while before it's finished, but at least that was a good step done. :)


As always we have quite a few videos that are very close to being released. You know us monkeys love to have lots of things up our sleeves to release when we want hehe. @(◠‿◠;)@


We have been releasing some new videos on our new channel. Big Monkey likes to enter some of the animation challenges on BiM. ( It gives him the opportunity to practice things and to release a new video, win/win. :D


Oh, here's one that was made for THAC on BiM. The Adventures of Dungeon and Dragon - What's in the Box?


We also released our 2012 showreel. I believe it's the first time we've done that. :)


If you're completely bored out of your mind and don't know what to do with yourself, you can listen to this very silly video we made. We were quite upset when we found out Hostess went out of business. They made a lot of our favorite junk food sweets, one of which was Twinkies. We found another company that makes their own version of it and we did a family taste test. Here's what happened in our household.


So let's see, have I written enough? [reads up above] Oh goodness, I believe I have haha. Bye for now!! @(◠‿◠;)@



December 5, 2012


Helloooooooooooo guys!! It's time for a new blog filled with lots of goodies and information. :)


For those of you that don't enjoy reading, you can watch my new vlog:


Let me start with the biggest and most important news, at least for us hehe.


Our "secret project" that I have been talking about for over 6 months is finally complete, woohoooo!!


We are very happy with how it turned out and we can finally share it with you and hope that you will help us.


Our video is the LEGO version of the first Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer. We were thrilled that it was accepted and shown in the Machinima International Film Festival.


This is where we need your help. Please please please vote for our video. :D


Here is the link to our video:




If you vote and share it on twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtag #MIFF then you will be eligible to win a prize from them. :)


Sooooooo, did you vote yet?? lol


I forgot to mention in my last blog that the date for BrickFlix 2013 has been set for June 28, 2013. Mark your calendars and be there, the more the merrier!!


Our new Hulk with other Marvel superheroes video will be coming out sometime this month so keep an eye out for that on our new channel.


We just passed 100,000 video views on our new channel. Thank you to all of you who have supported our new channel. It is where we will release all of our premier new videos so please subscribe so you don't miss them. Here's the link for ya:


Here are a couple of links to awesome videos from other people that we were thrilled to voice in.


- digitalwizardz new video LEGO AVENGERS:


- MonsieurCaron's new video I am Santa Clause - a Christmas Lego Brick Film:


Big Monkey has already started animating Galactic Smugglers 8 and is already 1/3 of the way into it.


FYI - it is his favorite series to work on. :)


Remember, it's always most important to make videos that you enjoy making otherwise it wouldn't be a fun hobby.


We released a new video on our new channel recently, The Empire are Jerks #7:


Please keep in mind the name of that series, The Empire are Jerks, so they will probably always be doing something mean or disrespectful, that's the whole point lol.


Another new video, well sort of new video hehe. Halo Victory Crouch - (director's cut):


Don't forget to enter your best brickfilm of 2012 into our contest, the 2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival. The competition is insanely hard, some of the best brickfilms we have ever seen.


Everyone has a chance, but you can't win if you don't enter, here's the link:


The holiday season is quickly approaching so please be safe and enjoy every minute you can, especially with your family, that is what holiday time is all about.


That's about it for now, but I'll keep up the blogs/vlogs so stay tuned for more.


Thanks again for all of your support, we truly do appreciate it!! ((hugs)) Bye for now! @(^_^)@



October 26, 2012


Hey guys, remember me? I know it's been forever since my last blog, I just forgot how to type hehe. Actually it seems that having 2 dogs added to our family takes up even more of my time, luckily they are totally worth it.


SO, after 6 months plus of very hard work, Big Monkey has finally finished the animating portion of our secret project, YAY!! There is still a little work to be done, but the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright now. A few of you have actually guessed what we have been working on, but all will be revealed soon.


In case you hadn't noticed, we are hosting a contest. It's the easiest contest in the world to enter because all you have to do is submit your best brickfilm made in 2012. As you have loads of time to enter, you can either make one just for this contest or you can submit one that has already been made, your choice. What could be easier than that right? Here's the link:


We already have loads of entries, it will probably take us 3 years to watch all of them haha. :P


The competition is going to be very tough, there is already a lot of amazing entries and it only just started last weekend. If you are even nominated or have an honorable mention in this contest then you should be very proud!


There will be prizes, but we don't know what yet. We are currently looking for sponsors.


If you are a company and have a product you would like to donate as a prize then we will make a special video advertising and promoting you for that in addition to including you in the results video.


The same goes for any individual that wants to donate a prize, but make it a good one because everyone will know it's from you lol.


Little Monkey released a new video a month ago called Mommy Musketeer. It's very cute as always so check it out.


We released a video on our alt channel called Oil Pump MOC. Big Monkey just wanted to show off his newest mock as always.


We will be releasing a crazy video on our classic channel soon. You won't believe your eyes!!! Big Monkey laughs every time he watches it, and I do mean EVERY time!! *eyes rolling* lol


I'm giving a plug to Spastikchuwawa's new video, Monster in the Closet, for two reasons. One because it's awesomely amazing, and two because it's Little Monkey's first debut with a speaking role in someone else's video. Of course I'm in it too hehe, but she did a great job and the video is fantastic!! Check it out:


We now have over 700 members on the Brickfilmer's Guild or BFG as we like to call it. We enjoy seeing the videos posted there and having easy access to brickfilming channels and info. We like to use people's profiles to get to their twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels, plus see all the videos they post on the BFG, it's a great source of information. So if you are a brickfilmer and you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for??


So that's all I can think of for now, I get such little sleep during the week because of the kids new school hours that I'm lucky to remember my name. ;)


Take care all and don't forget to enter our contest!! Seeya!! @(^_^)@



June 11, 2012


Hey y'all, remember me?? ;)


I am WAY behind on my blogs and vlogs, so I am finally here with ((hugs)) and news for you. @(^_^)@


If you don't feel like reading all of this then you can listen to my vlog instead. It has all of this news plus some added surprises. Hopefully it will be released tomorrow on our classic channel.


Paganomation's kickstarter program was completely funded, woohoooo. As promised I made a confession on my vlog, but you will have to listen to it in order to find out what it was, hehe. ;)


Our Tongal video has been our main priority recently with everything else on hold. Well we finally finished our video and can resume our other projects.


While filming the Tongal video Big Monkey was able to film a fun/silly little short which will be released soonish. He also did some more work on our secret project. We do have some other projects we are working on as well. Lots of things going on in the jungle, never a dull moment.


I have had many people asking where we buy our Lego. The Lego Store,, Toys R Us, and/or google. I always google search anything I need to buy in order to get the best price and know all of my options. It's the fastest & easiest way to get answers to questions.


FYI - I want you to know that I never watch videos that are shared with me on YouTube, I mark them all as spam. BUT if you do want us to watch your video then post it on the BFG. Big Monkey watches most or all that are posted there and I watch them when I can.


If you're not a member then join!! It's free and easy. :D Here's the link:


We made a video for the OyoSportstoys video challenge. Stopmotion Tribute to Chipper Jones.


What was most exciting is that it actually made the local news here in Atlanta on Fox. They did an amazing job with the story and we were beyond thrilled to watch it live. Here's the story:


Just a reminder that BrickFlix is Friday June 29th at The Carolina Theatre of Durham, in Durham, NC. If you are in the area then it will be worth your while to go. You will get to see David Pagano of Paganomation and hear him talk and answer questions. You will also get to see loads of amazing videos from many talented brickfilmers. I'm sure you will be familiar with all of them. You just never know who you might see there. @(^_^)@


More exciting news for us is that we finally upgraded and got a new camera for brickfilming. It's the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Many brickfilmer's already use it and recommended it. We won't start using it yet as we have to finish up our other projects first. We can't switch cameras in the middle of a video. Also we will probably be getting Dragonframe so we will have to wait on that as well before filming with the new camera. This all means better quality videos in the near future from us. :)


Little Monkey made a very fun/silly/crazy video. She made the She-Hulk minifigure by putting various different parts together from other minifigures. We think she did a great job!! :D


Here's the link: She-Hulk and the Avengers:


Oh, one last FYI before I sign off here. I am taking some time off this week and taking the kids out and about to do some fun things around Atlanta. I will be offline and unavailable Wednesday June 13th - Saturday June 16th. Back online Sunday June 17th.


Hope you are all enjoying some time off here and there. I know school is out for a lot of you so have fun while you can.


That's all the news for now. Hope you all have a safe and happy week. @(^_^)@



May 15, 2012


Hey Guys!! :D


I'm pumped and ready to blog today. Sorry I couldn't get the vlog done, things are still so busy here and BM is still working crazy long hours. :'(


I am counting the days until Summer break so I will have more time to blog, vlog, and upload other videos. :)


Here is a great news article by the BFG:


Big Monkey got up early both days over the weekend just so he could get in some animating time.


Right now all of our time and efforts are going into our LEGO Tongal video which is explained in the news article above. After that is complete we will resume working on our "secret project".


If poor Big Monkey could ever get some time off we would be able to release other videos which are close to completion. Hopefully the Summer will allow more time for that. We have quite a few videos that are almost finished and ready to release and so does Little Monkey. They just need a little time and TLC needed to complete them. :)


Sunday was Mother's Day and so many of you were kind enough to send me wonderful wishes that day. That really meant a lot to me so thank you all very much!! ((hugs)) :D


We did release a new crazy silly Big Monkey/Little Monkey gaming video.


Hopefully I will be able to release the gaming video that Big Monkey and Hobo Monkey played soon. BM gets totally owned!!!! @(^_^)@


Invincible 2 is now out by mnmtwinz, I was happy to voice a part in their video.


Paganomation's "Little Guys…In Space!" LEGO stop-motion Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded and will now go into production, woohooooo!!! There is still time to donate and benefit from being a backer and receiving one of the amazing gifts they are offering for doing so. You won't regret it! Click the link below:


If you are unfamiliar with Paganomation's work (which would be shocking) then please do yourself a favor and check out their channel.


OH, for those of you who need more reason to stay subscribed to our classic channel, Big Monkey and I have decided to start doing reviews on sets. It's not like we don't have enough of them to review right? lol


Plus you all seem to enjoy our little banters and it would be fun for us to tell you about our favorite sets. :D


Sooooooo, I think you are all caught up now. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and enjoy your upcoming weekend. I know we will. Seeya! @(^_^)@



May 7, 2012


Howdy y'all!


I am back on my Monday blog schedule here for a change, woohoooo. I should have a new vlog for you next Monday. :)


Poor Big Monkey has still been working loads of hours with very little time off. :(


Saturday was his only day off last weekend and he actually got up at 4:55am just so he could do some animating. That's crazy!!!!! :O


Big Monkey and Hobo Monkey did play a video game together and recorded it for our gaming channel. That should be very interesting and funny to see and hear lol.


We recorded lines for a few of our homies over the weekend. I will share those videos when they are released.


If you haven't checked out Paganomation's Little Guys…In Space! A LEGO Fan Film Kickstarter program then please do. There are only 8 days left to help back this amazing project. Every little bit helps. They even reward you for backing them which is a huge bonus. If you are a brickfilmer or even a fan of brickfilming, then please support them and help spread the word so they can get funded. We will all benefit from seeing the finished product. :)


Here's the link:


If the project gets funded then I will reward you next week with a confession hehehe. :D


Also BFG members, please don't forget to cast your vote for Brickfilmer of the Year. You must be logged into your BFG account in order to vote. Voting ends June 1, 2012.


Here's the link:


That is really all that is going on in the jungle at the moment. I should have much more to tell next week. :)


Wishing you all a safe and happy week!! @(^_^)@



May 1, 2012


Hello Everyone. :)


OMG It's May 1st already!!!! :O


I am WAY overdue for an update here. Sorry about the delay on these and my vlogs. We have been very busy with work, and poor Big Monkey has been working a lot of late hours and weekends which means no animating. Boo!! :(


Last weekend was BM's first whole weekend off in a while so he was able to get some animating done, but mostly on our secret project. Even Little Monkey got a bit of animating done.


I just uploaded our first gaming video to our #2 channel, thefourmonkeys2. Big Monkey and Little Monkey played a few games and recorded them. This is the first one they recorded.


There will be a more videos released very soon. We all talked more on the others for fun. :D


I also uploaded a video on our extras/alt channel, thefourmonkeysalt. This is very long and boring, but it really shows how incredibly long it takes to animate, at least for Big Monkey. The 5 minutes shown of him animating produced less than one second of actual film footage.


Hopefully this will help you to really understand why it takes us so long to release videos and also why we try to release fun short whenever possible. It is extremely time consuming!! :)


Little Monkey and I actually went swimming over the weekend in our fun little outdoor pool. It's not big, but it's fun. It's still too cold for Big Monkey to join us, but we had enough fun for all lol. @(^_^)@


We recorded some lines for other people over the weekend with more lines to record this weekend for some others. All will be shared when they release their videos.


For all of you BFG members, we released a video introducing the first annual Brickfilmer's Guild Brickfilmer of the Year nominees. If you are a member please cast your vote. You have to be logged into your BFG account in order to vote. Voting ends June 1, 2012.


There has been a lot of brickfilming news going on lately. Check out the BFG news/blogs to read more about them.


Well I think two new videos and some babbling is enough for one update right? ;)


Hope you all have a wonderful week! @(^_^)@



April 9, 2012


Good day everyone. :)


This morning sure came as a shock to the system when we had to wake up early for school again, but only 6 more weeks until Summer vacation. Wow, time sure goes by fast!!


I hope you all enjoyed your Eastery weekend, I know we did. We had our annual egg hunt in our backyard for the kids which is always fun and interesting, lol. Unfortunately the egg decorating didn't go as planned. The colors just didn't take and the stickers wouldn't stick, but on the bright side they sure tasted yummy!! :D


I'm sure Little Monkey will decorate eggs during the Summer so I will share the pics then. :)


We did release a new video on Friday for the 2012 Easter BiM Challenge called The Chocolate Bunny:


It was voiced by Little Monkey of course. @(^_^)@


Big Monkey also did more work on our "secret project". Can't wait until it's all finished so I can share it with you.


Little Monkey didn't animate over the weekend, she just had fun playing around the house and sleeping in late hehe.


We did some voicing for some peeps over the weekend as well. I will share those videos when they are released. :)


Oh, speaking of videos we voiced in, I totally forgot to share this great and hilarious video by stonebreakers10 which I was lucky enough to voice the part of Bieber's Mom.


Here is Lego Justin Bieber 2:


I set up a BFG twitter account to report/tweet all of the news and new members on the BFG. If you are a BFG member and you follow me there then I will follow you back.


Here's the twitter link:!/BrickfilmGuild


I will try to record my vlog today. There was quite a positive reception to my first one so I will keep it going and see how it goes. Some were freaked out by that cutsie minifigure and weird mouth animation haha. As I said before, each vlog will look different and hopefully improve with each one. The mouth movements on the vlogs are NOT what we will be using in our videos, it is only for the vlogs and any other cartoony animation we might experiment with.


I do believe that is all I have to report today. Keep in mind I am REALLY tired from having to get up early after a nice long week off from doing that lol. Plus it's Monday so double whammy!!


I hope you all have a safe and happy week and I'll catch you next Monday. @(^_^)@



April 2, 2012


Hello everyone, it's that blogging time of the week again. :)


We had a very exciting weekend of new releases. After almost 2 years in the making, Galactic Smugglers 7 was finally released, woohooooo!!! :D


Here is the link for those who missed it or just want to watch it over and over again lol.


We were so excited to release this episode and have been thrilled with the positive feedback on it, so thank you very much for that.


**SPOILER ALERT!!** A few of you made mention of the fact that Captain Dude didn't seem too upset about the loss of the new pilot Kenny Rogers. Well first of all, of course he was upset about it, but he really wasn't a friend, they hardly knew him as he was a brand new pilot. Secondly and unfortunately, in their line of work death is a very common thing which they just have to deal with and get over quickly. It's just the nature of the business they are in, kind of makes them toughen up about such things so it doesn't interfere with their responsibilities. :)


I also released my very first vlog yesterday. Here is the link:


I had to laugh at all the comments that were creeped out by the animation, lol. You guys make and see all kinds of weird animations, zombie movies, and things that are far scarier and creepier than what was used in the vlog, lol. This should be nothing at all compared to that, right? :D


Anyway, as I said, that was just a test with our new software and was our very first time using it. We would never put such ridiculous mouth movements in our regular videos, we just thought it would be fun and different to use it on the vlog. As we have more time to play around with it you will see all sorts of different things. So each time I release a vlog it will look different. The rest of the vlogs will also be much shorter and to the point. I just had a lot to say in my first one and didn't want to cut anything out. You don't have to look at it at all of course, you can just listen to it which is really the main point in me making the vlogs, just for you to hear what is going on in the jungle with thefourmonkeys. @(^_^)@


Also as I mentioned in the vlog, the script for GS8 has been written. Not fine tuned yet, but at least it is written. Unfortunately we didn't win the lottery so we can't spend all day/every day animating as we would like. If we had won or if someone wanted to pay us to stay home and animate, lol, then we could produce one episode per month, but as things are now it will take at least a year or longer to produce episode 8. It's important that we work on other projects and videos to keep it all exciting for us. :)


Big Monkey is still working hard on the "secret project". It's really coming along nicely. It will probably be at least a few months before it's complete.


Little Monkey animated 2 new videos over the weekend, now we just have to wait for her to tell us the story and do the voicing. :)


Little Monkey and I finally got to swim in our little outdoor pool yesterday. We had so much fun!! Big Monkey wouldn't join us because it's too cold for him lol. We enjoyed it enough for all of us.


Here is a little breakdown of what we will be doing with all of our channels. None of the videos will be deleted on any of the channels. I believe in keeping all videos around so you can see the progress through the years. I did a run through on the vlog, but wanted to put it here as well for you wonderful peeps who actually read this. :D


"Thefourmonkeys4" is the channel we had to create in order to be partnered with Machinima which we were thrilled to do. All of our new videos will be released here, but I will still feature all new releases on our classic/original channel as well as tweet & Facebook the links.


"thefourmonkeys" is our classic/original channel which started the whole thing. We will put my vlogs on there as well as feature all new videos and add some surprise things here and there. It is also the best channel to reach me as I am there the most. I check and respond to all channel comments and respond to video comments when I see them.


"thefourmonkeysLM" is Little Monkey's new channel that was also partnered with Machinima. All of her new videos will be released there, so if you are a fan of her videos please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss her fun little random videos.


"thefourmonkeysalt" is our original alt channel and we will go back to putting things there that we used to. All of our test videos and MOC's will go there.


"thefourmonkeys2" is the place where we will put our Machinima type videos and also video game videos. You will get to hear some or all of us playing video games together, that will be fun and interesting fo sho!!


"hobostudio" is Hobo Monkey's channel. He is so busy with school and homework that he rarely has time to animate, but every once in a while he will add something new on there, usually video game related as he is really into video games in his spare time.


TheContestForum is on an indefinite hiatus. Might return one day but don't know when.


SOOOOOO, how's that for long winded eh? Well only fair as I did such a long vlog right? hehehe ;)


Hope you all enjoy your week, I know a lot of you are on Spring Break now so be safe and enjoy!! Catch ya next Monday. @(^_^)@



March 19, 2012


Howdy all! :)


I haven't quite woken up yet, Mondays are always like that for me. Hopefully this will make sense, lol.


Hopefully I won't have to update you too much longer on GS7, we are getting very close. Most of the mouth movements are done, which always takes a very long time to do especially on the longer videos. The music and voices are all in place, just adding more sound effects and fine tuning everything.


A lot of people just don't realize how many hours and how much work go into making a video. It is always disappointing to see comments from people complaining about our videos and other people's videos because they are not happy with it, or they think it's too short or too long. Seriously, I find those comments really sad and pathetic. <----Big Monkey won't like me saying that haha, but unfortunately it's true. If those people truly understood how much work goes into making a good high quality video, no matter how short it is, then they would never complain at all. :)


Anyway, Big Monkey and I are extremely happy with the way GS7 has turned out. We are excited to release it, but want to make sure everything is as good as we can get it before doing so. No point in putting all that work into it only to release it too early before everything has been fine tuned. You won't have to wait too much longer though, really. :D


So, I was thinking of doing a weekly Monday vlog on our classic channel. I know a lot of people can't be bothered to read my babble here, so it might be easier to listen to me babble instead, lol. It will always be completely unscripted so who knows what I might say. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Please let me know. :)


All of our other projects and even Little Monkeys projects have been put on hold so that we can put all efforts into finishing GS7. We are so close now we can taste it and it's yummy, hehe.


We now have over 600 members on the Brickfilmer's Guild which is really exciting!! We have discovered so many talented brickfilmers because of our site and that is always a wonderful thing to see. It's great that so many people enjoy brickfilming. If you make LEGO stopmotion videos (brickfilms) and you're not a member yet then please join, here's the link:


I guess that's really all there is to talk about so I will just wish you all a very safe and happy week. Catch ya next Monday. @(^_^)@



March 12, 2012


G'day everyone. @(^_^)@


Now that everyone has the new yucky horrible youtube layout it changes a lot of things for people. The social aspect of youtube has been taken away which makes it very difficult and inconvenient for us to do a lot of things that we have enjoyed over the years. Due to these changes, we will stop doing the poll of the week. Channel comments are so hidden now that I forget to even check them everyday.


There hasn't been huge responses to the poll of the week anyway so I think this is a fair decision. Of course if enough of you really enjoy it and want it to continue then please let me know and I will happily find a way to make it happen while also making it more convenient to do. :)


Galactic Smugglers 7 is 95% complete and finally coming alive, MWAHAHAHHAHAAA! Oh lol, what I mean is that all of the voices have been added now which really makes it exciting for us. It makes such a huge difference to have the characters speaking, making it come alive to us. There are still loads of other sound effects to add, mouth movements, and the music, but these are the final stages, woohoooo!!


We may try to record our first commentary this weekend on one of our videos, better late than never right? hahaha Not sure how that will turn out as we will just do the random unscripted chat thing, but hopefully it will be entertaining if nothing else. You know you love listening to us ramble right? ;)


We should have some new videos to release here and there on various channels very soon.


I'll keep this one short today as I overloaded you with a very long update last week, heehehee.


Hope you all have a safe and happy week!! @(^_^)@



March 5, 2012


Hello all, it's Mehday oops I mean Monday again, heehehehe. ;)


We are halfway through our secret project, woohoooo!!! :D


Thank you all again for supporting and subscribing to our new channel that is partnered with Machinima.


I am still getting questions as to why we made a new channel. Everything we are going to say about it was mentioned in our update video a couple of weeks ago and also in one of my previous blogs here. Most of your questions can be answered in these weekly blogs I write as it's always the most up to date news on everything we are working on or not working on, haha. Here is the update video as well:


We will still be releasing special things to our original/classic channel so please don't unsubscribe, I will miss you!!!!


I promise we will make it worthwhile to be subscribed to all of our channels. We have special things planned for ALL of them. Different things for each channel. You will just have to be a bit patient with us as we don't have as much time as we would like to make videos, but the ideas are all there and just waiting for us to make them happen. :)


We had a double release Friday last week. Little Monkey released a very cute new random video. It was her version of a day in the life of a LEGO minifigure called The Day:


Our new video was also released, just a fun little short called Lame Super Hero:


We were very honored and excited to be interviewed by John M Knight of Interview With A GEEK. We actually recorded this months ago and it was the very first time that Big Monkey and I did a random/unscripted recording together. We had loads of fun doing it, but as it was our first time there was extra babbling going on, lol. After we got our feet wet doing this type thing, we started making other random/unscripted chats that most people seem to really enjoy. I guess people enjoy hearing that fact that we are indeed a silly human family, lol.


Here is the interview, hope you enjoy.


*Warning - babbling and advice to follow here, heheee:


In regards to my question for you last week here, I am very proud of how most of you responded to that. The majority of you understand how important it is for everyone to make videos that make them happy, not other people. It's our hobby which we have to enjoy, so it's vital that we make videos that make us proud and happy of our own work. As we are grown-ups our taste will vary a lot from our younger viewers, but we will always try to incorporate things that will entertain both the young and older fans that we have. We will always make family friendly videos, but sometimes we will add a little adult humor, and sometimes we will make videos that have language or adult content. Those videos will be clearly marked in the title and at the beginning of the video so there is no chance for anyone to wonder about the content. We will never make videos that are full of bad language or really inappropriate things because that just isn't our style, even though we do enjoy watching videos like that. For anyone to unsubscribe just because we may make some videos that you don't like is really a shame and quite selfish. Why should anyone make videos that are specific to one age group? That is totally unfair to the other people watching the videos and to the people who make the videos. We work very hard on ALL of our videos, no matter how long or how short or what the content is. They are all important to us and we work hard to make them the best we can. Plus if you think about it, a lot of our young fans that have been with us from the beginning, are not so young anymore and appreciate the older humor. Oh, speaking of short videos, there are always some complaints that they are too short. Well, they are not too short for us, lol. We enjoy making short videos the most because they are fun and easy for us to produce and create. If you don't like the short videos then you don't have to watch them, you can just wait for our longer videos like Galactic Smugglers and Attack of the Bionicles which will always be long and take about a year to create. It would be very boring for us not to release other short videos in that amount of time. Remember, it's most important for people to make videos that are fun and enjoyable for them. You should never tell someone else how to make their videos or how to live their life. Just worry about your own videos and your own life. Things will always turn out much better that way. :)


Soooooooo, all of that being said, we actually released a non family friendly version of Lame Super Hero. I have kept it unlisted for the time being, but if you would like to see it then please feel free to leave me a channel comment on YouTube or on Facebook or twitter and I will send you the link.


I am going to leave you with a few channel comments that I received that I really appreciated and loved reading. It's always nice when people truly understand the importance of doing things that are right for you and appreciate all of the hard work and everything you do no matter what. Thanks guys!!!!! :D


Have a safe and happy week!! @(^_^)@


"I'd enjoy your not-so-family-friendly-videos, as you probably may already have guessed :D Go ahead, I like that idea! :)" -RRPictureProductions


"I think you should make the videos that you would like to make! It's your hobby, so you get to decide! But if you do have content that you feel is not appropriate for younger audiences. just say so at the beginning of the video. I think it would be much easier that way!" -FortressAnimartian


"Alright. I have read your newest update, and I understand your decision. However, only as my suggestion/thoughts/stuff like that, I'm not completely sure if you have younger audience, except your daughter. Not trying to be rude just saying. Although, I myself do not take a film full of cursing a comedy - I personally pass it. So I suggest make films that are funny for both audiences, and if there'll be a film that will be in a need of some language, just put a warning. After all, I find Galactic Smugglers great and funny and is there any cursing or anything like that? I don't believe there is. Good luck on future videos!" -sfugity


"By the way, about your consideration of making videos for the older audience...I think you should do whatever you feel like doing, and not let the age or opinions of your audience stop you. But if you're really looking for peoples' opinions, I think you could use some language." -DaNumba1Ninja



February 27, 2012


Monday again?? AAHHHHHHH!!!! Hahaa, just kidding of course. Well, not about it being Monday, lol. Good morning/afternoon all. :D


We actually got quite a lot done this past weekend in between this, that, and the other.


Big Monkey animated more on our 'secret project' and even animated a new short vid. This was the first weekend that Little Monkey didn't animate anything. She did however have Big Monkey and herself voice the parts in another video that she finished. I didn't get to voice in this one, sniff sniff. Oh well, better luck next time. Of course she didn't feel like editing the lines so it's not ready yet, go figure, lol. :)


Speaking of our new short video, I would like to get your opinion on something just to get a feel for your reaction and support of our hobby.


We have two versions of this new short vid, one that is family friendly clean, and the other which has language content that is not family friendly. We would like to start making videos that will appeal to our older audience while we still continue to make our family friendly videos for our younger audience. How would you feel about this? We would put warnings at the beginning of the video if there is language or inappropriate content or sometimes even an age restriction on them. These type of videos are fun for us and help keep our family hobby exciting for us to continue. So basically we would just have videos for all ages, just choose which one fits you best. Please leave a channel comment on our classic channel telling us how you would feel about that. We will be keeping the old design on our classic channel until YouTube rips it away from us. It's so much easier to see channel comments there, I will miss it!!