thefourmonkeys website

We are the monkeys that brickfilm. @(^_^)@

About Us

We are a family of four happy monkeys pretending to be people. In our tree, we have a Mommy Monkey (Mom), a Big Monkey (Dad), a Hobo Monkey (Son), and a Little Monkey (Daughter). We enjoy making stop motion videos, brick films, short movies, and music. ♫♫ We do it mostly for fun although we have been commissioned to many OYO Sports brickfilms. ;) We are very happy that other people enjoy our creations.


Are we really monkeys? 

No, of course not. But we do love monkeys and we really are a family of four. 

Our anonymity and privacy are very important to us, mainly because of our kids. We don't want to be recognized by anyone, so Monkeys we will remain!!  @(^_^)@


Who are thefourmonkeys?

Big Monkey (Dad) does all of the stopmotion for our videos and most of the editing on all of the videos. He also writes the scripts, directs, and adds his voice to the videos. He has a full time job which takes most of his time. He works very hard in his spare time to animate as much as possible.

Mommy Monkey (Mom) writes the scripts, directs and adds her voice to the videos, and does the voice editing. She also does ALL of the corresponding and maintaining of the YouTube and other accounts. She's quite a personality on Twitter.  BUT, taking care of her family is a full time job which comes before anything else.  It doesn't leave much time for chatting or answering questions. PLEASE only ask absolutely necessary questions that are not already answered on the "Q and A and Tips" section of this website.  Also try doing a search on Google for the answers that you seek.

Hobo Monkey (Son) is 20 years old and lends his voice and advice on our videos whenever needed. He also has his own channel called hobostudio. He is currently attending college and we are so very proud of him!!!!! He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing the guitar, acting, and parkour.  His video gaming claim to fame is once he won $50.00 in a Guitar Hero contest. He is the one that introduced brickfilming to the family.

Little Monkey (Daughter) is 12 years old and likes to make her own videos with her wonderful creative imagination which she shares on her own YouTube channel. She writes her own scripts, directs, does all of her own stopmotion, chooses her music, and does most of the voicing herself. She also lends her voice to our videos when needed.  Little Monkey loves making LEGO sets and also helped lend a hand when we upgraded the stop-motion studio. Not too much paint went on the floor lol.  :) Of course we are very proud of her too!!!!

We have a #2/extras channel called our Extras Channel. We upload test videos and other fun little things that don't really qualify for our Priemer Channel.

We also created a website called The Brickfilmer's Guild. It is a brickfilming artist guild created specifically for brickfilmers. The BFG, as we like to call it, regularly reports brickfilming news and holds a yearly contest called the BFG Film Festival.

We occasionally write articles for the LEGO fan magazine called Brick Journal.

Please remember, we are grown ups with a family to take care of and full time jobs which leaves us little time for much else. Brickfilming is a part time hobby that we try to fit into our busy schedule. We will always try to provide quality family friendly videos (with a tad of PG violence).  We wish we could release videos more frequently, but hopefully you will enjoy the final results. Please do not ask when our next video will be released because we never know. We make videos as much as we possibly can. :) 

 Don't forget we have a whole section of tips and everything we use in the Q&A section. 

If you don't find your answers there then search YouTube and Google for other tutorials and answers. We do that often to find the information we need. :D